Artist & Ceramicist

“Art is not an ordinary work at all, art is a passion that affects every single time in my life”



“ I come to you with this EXCLUSIVE PORCELAIN DINNERWARE COLLECTION to share my passion for the amazingly complex marine life. Each piece of porcelain is a profound reflection of what I saw, listened, smelled and felt when sailing the Far Eastern seas. I found myself walking over some of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in Indonesia; breathtaking places full of rich colors, powerful fragrances and fascinating shapes. I sailed the rivers and seas where every single living thing is an art work of the marine life. ” Enjoy the porcelain dinnerware collection here..


"NOMINEE of PALM ART AWARD 2019" March 2019

I am really excited to publish that the Palm Art Award 2019 just announced I am NOMINEE of PALM ART AWARD 2019. Please feel free to find it at

"INTERVIEW in the art magazine ART REVEAL issue 42" September 2018

I am really excited to announce that the Art Magazine ART REVEAL just published an interview about my work as an Artist & Ceramicist. Please feel free to find it at and visiting

"PIECE #3, single plate in a grotto" 2018

Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.5 x 9.0 x 8.0 cm


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